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  1. Silver angel pendant

    Guardian Angel


    The little guard Angel. A companion in your prayers and wishes.

    Symbol: Angel   Metal: Silver 925ο Rhodium Plated

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  2. Charming Bracelet

    Charming Bracelet


    To have a good day, every day. To be cheerful & charming!

    Stones: Genuine Crystal Quartz & Blue Agate  Metal: Silver 925ο

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  3. Our Fairy

    Our Fairy


    For our little fairy, with all af our love!

    Stones: Agate   Metal: Silver 925o

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  4. Little Girl Bracelet

    Little Girl Bracelet


    For our little girl, with all of our love! 

    Stones: Pink Quartz   Metal: Silver 925o

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  5. Our Princess Bracelet

    Our Princess Bracelet


    A precious bracelet to guard our precious princess!

    Stones:  Amethyst, Crystal Quartz, Pink Quartz

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  6. silver angel pendant with saphire

    Little Personal Spirit


    Your Angel. For always having a little partner, an ally in your actions and ideas, a partner in loneliness and personal thoughts.

    Symbol: Angel   Metal: Silver 925ο Rhodium Plated

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  7. Key of Fortune Bracelet

    Key of Fortune Bracelet


    To "unlock" your luck. To live with joy and fulfill your desires.

    Symbol: The Key of Fortune   Metal: Sterling Silver 925o   Stones: Genuine Sea Coral

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