Wear the Spirit Green Spiritual earrings every day, to feel good and have good things happening in your life

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  1. Sun Silver Earrings

    Sun Silver Earrings



    The Sun is the most positive symbol to all times and civilizations. Its warmth and positivity enlightens your life and attracts only the good forces.

    Metal: Sterling Silver 925o   Stones: Citrine  Size: Diameter 1,5cm

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  2. Beautiful



    To live a beautiful life and enjoy your every day.

    Stones: Smoky Quartz, Crystal Quartz, Citrine  Metal: Silver 925ο

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  3. Love Potion Earrings

    Love Potion Earrings


    To attract love. To seduce and win in the game of love.

    Stones: Moonstone, Pink Quartz  Metal: Silver 925ο

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  4. Something New Earrings

    Something New Earrings


    So that beautiful things and interesting people come into your life.

    Stones: Red Agate, Aquamarine, Crystal Quartz  Metal: Silver 925ο

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  5. Irresistible



    To be attractive, mysterious and irresistible.

    Stones: Amethyst, Black Onyx  Metal: Silver 925ο

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  6. Good Fortune Citrine & Coral Earrings

    Good Fortune Citrine & Coral Earrings



    To have the best of  luck and succeed in whatever you do.

    Metal: Sterling Silver 925o   Stones: Genuine Citrine & Coral

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  7. Silver earings with labradorite

    Soul Earrings


    Wear the Soul Earings to help you gain internal harmony. They open the communication channels with your inner self and they can be the ideal companion for meditation.

    Symbol: Feather   Metal: Silver 925ο   Stones: Genuine Labradorite

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  8. Key of Fortune Earrings

    Key of Fortune Earrings


    So that new paths and opportunities open in your life.

    Symbol: Key   Metal: Silver 925ο   Stones: Genuine Carnelian

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  9. Silver earings with citrine

    Power Sword Earrings


    For winning the battles in your life and see your goals to be fulfilled.

    Symbol: Sword   Metal: Silver 925ο   Stones: Genuine Citrine

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